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Gloshine Technology debutting 2018 ISE International Audio Visual and System Integration Exhibition


February 6-9, 2018, the European professional audio-visual and systems integration exhibition - "2018 ISE International Audio-Visual and System Integration Exhibition" kicked off in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Gloshine Technology, located in Hall 8 C120 & C140, is showing a variety of hot-sale LED screens in ISE. We have LC transparent screen, ZS6.94 hollow cubic screen, MV2.6 fine pixel pitch curved screen, MX4.81 floor and high bright screen for outdoor and X1.9 front servicable.These panels are fulfilling the very demand of overseas customers.  

LC transparent screen, with high transmittance, looming but it has a perfect display. It’s flexible to do concave and convex, with degree ± 5 °, LC’s ultra-light and thin features, making it more suitable for rental, fixed and lifting application.

led display-2-LC.jpg

ZS6.94 hollow screen, can make a variety of shapes, perfect for outdoor large-scale concert project. ZS6.94 model is thin and transparent, with a unique single-handle design, one person can complete the installation operation. And can achieve rapid stacking and hanging application, conventional +/- 2.5,5,7.5 degrees,left and right 45 degrees, up and down 45 degrees angle for mounting. Module can be placed in any position.

led display-ZS-3.jpg

Recently awarded with the 2018 annual IF Design Award, MV2.6 fine-pitch curved rental screen, for the first time to make the fine-pitch screen a arc-shaped, and feature more diverse occasions application; while reducing the LED arc screen installation process, it enables single person to complete installation benefiting from the precison "positioning lock" , which overall optimizes the user’s operation. MV fine-pitch curved screen breaks the fine arc screen technology bottlenecks.It’s featured by the label of precise operation, quick installation, rapid front service, smart modules.

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MX4.81 is the latest indoor and outdoor general rental LED display to support high-strength floor tiles. The cabinet can be fast installed, front service option, 5000: 1 high contrast, 5000nits brightness, super load-bearing.It’s mounted on the floor stand in our booth,edge decorated with hemming, which greatly enhances the load capacity and its appearance.

led display-MX-7.jpg

led display-MX-6.jpg

X1.9 model, fine pitch and front maintenance. With 16: 9 ratio, front service, breaking down module, hub card, receiver card, power supply and connectors from the front; also locking systems, signal connector and power connector can be accessed from the front, which greatly saves time and simplifies maintenance operation.

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Trial Zone - Give customers quick but specific knowledge of the structural construction and characteristics of Gloshine products.

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Offering beer and coffee

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Finally, welcome everyone to visit Gloshine Technology Booth 

Gloshine Booth: 8-C120 & -C140

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