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Favorable price, reliable quality and full burst Gloshine it’s all in ISLE2018


The ISLE2018 which attract all the attention of the industry was held from March3th to March6th at the B District of the Guangzhou Canton Fair in 2018. As the first exhibition of the new year. The total area of this year’s is 120 thousand square meters and there is 1500 enterprises and so many professional customers will gather together to share the leading information of the industry. Gloshine with it’s high-end MV series, small distance X series, splicing of different shapes ZM series and MX series which could used by dance floor showed up at the D10 booth of 10.2 Pavilion.

1-led display.jpg

What makes Gloshine brilliant is their distinctive display screen. Including Changeable Series ZM3.91. The champion of the Red Dot Award Series MV2.97. To show at Guizhou branch of spring festival Gala with Black light high frame MX4.81. Series LC transparent screen strike a pose in China for the first time. But the most eye-catching was the “one for one, surprising golden eggs” events.

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Conspicuous booth

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Break the ice with Violin 

During the events. If you ordered over 500square meters and sign the contract on the spot and pay more than fifty thousand RMB, you can get an IPhone X,also you can join the ”Surprising Golden eggs” events for one time. There is Mac Book Pro in it. 

Enjoyable and Exciting!

Let’s start the “Surprising Golden eggs”

Before the opening of the huge benefit activities, the various sectors of the leasing community customers are in high spirits,. With a little adjustment, the customer orders on the spot and open the activities. 

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Out of the frying pan into the fire

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Gloshine’s booth was extremely popular. The activity will last for four days, We’ll wait for you!

Zm3.91 profiled personality

ZM3.91 is a new product launched by Gloshine in 17 years. However, ZM3.91 was the main stage of the show during the recent New Year’s Eve Gala, TV Spring Festival Gala, TV stations and all-Pervading galas. Due to the ZM series of ultra-light features, Free angle stitching, a good liberation of the imagination design and bring the gorgeous shape presented in front of the audience.

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Zhejiang Satellite TV  

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CCTV 2018 New Year’s Eve Party

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19-ZM3.91-led display.jpg

MV2.97 show the beauty of the curve in Red Dot Award

Series MV as the indoor LED rental high-end products of Gloshine just won the German Red Dot Award Design.The giant screen put on display, the meticulous picture, the fashion cabinet, the uncluttered structures, the perfect facilities and the stable performance. It all makes the customers gave a very high evaluation.Besides, P2.9mm pitch also means that the rental screen step in the era of small pitch.It is a forward-looking design.

21-MV2.97-led display.jpg

20-MV2.97-led display.jpg

The glamour of the IBO sound

22-IBO-led display.jpg

The ONE”MX4.81”

I don’t know if you still remember this year’s Spring Festival Evening in Guizhou that the huge “blessing”word, it is derived from the MX4.81 series. The MX series as the dance floor feature LED display has been in many TV satellite and Auto shows and acquired a lot of appreciation. High frame of the black light together with the tawny mask throw the display effects and projecting the elegance of black onyx. The stability and high strength is salient’s feature. Matching the base of the cabinet, it could carry an car. Not mention the seamless wrapping enhance the makings.

23-MX4.81-led display.jpg

24-MX4.81-led display.jpg

2018 Spring Festival Gala n Guizhou

25-2018-led display.jpg

Jiangsu TV 2018 New Year’s Eve party

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27-MX4.81-led display.jpg

The first transparent screen show in China

Transparent screen of Series LC debuted in the domestic market caused a lot of new and old customers attention. LC series transparent screen resembles a window. It’s light and slim cabinet available for all kinds of rental application. The perfect permeability increase other effects or styles. LC series also supports the arc plus or minus 5°splicing and to provide customers with more option.

28-LC-led display.jpg

29-LC-led display.jpg

Gloshine has been chasing the brand building in the global market. In the face of fierce competition in the field of LED rental. Gloshine based on the principle of quality first,established its own solid brand in the field of LED rental and steadily in the business based on steady practice innovation. Allowing users to become the real beneficiaries and achieve mutual benefits.

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Booth Number: 10.2 D10

Time: From March 3 to 6,2018

Address: Pazhou International Expo Center

Gloshine warmly welcome your visit and guidance!