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GLOSHINE Technology makes contributions to S8 LOL WC, Chinese team iG took the crown.



The S8 LOL WC was inaugurated in Incheon Wenhe Stadium South Korea in 3:00PM 3rd Nov. After three hours fighting, the iG from China's LPL zone finally crushed LCS's veteran European grope Fnatic with a strong 3-0, and took the first world crown in the LPL zone of LOL.


IG holding the crown

The League of Legends World Championship is an international e-sports event hosted by American game developer Riot Games. It is the biggest annual competition in the online game League of Legends. Meanwhile, the Global Championship is the highest honor, best value, highest competitive level, and most popularity among all the League of Legends competition.


GLOSHINE provide 1800 sqm ZS SERIES display for the live LED wall. It is second time to demonstrate the charm of the S8 LOL WC live show in Incheon, South Korea, after the Birds Nest’s World Championship. Gloshine’s high quality support iG took the crown.