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Gloshine LED screens shinning at the New Year’s Gala at the top Chinese TV channels


When the time is approaching the New Year, what the audience expects most is the arrival of the New Year's celebration concerts and parties. Gloshine is honored to be the main LED screen provider of Hunan Satellite TV & Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year’s Concert, CCTV New Year's Gala which brought an unparalleled audio-visual feast to the audience.

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Hunan Satellite TV's New Year's concert gathered a lot of the super stars. The powerful star line-up and luxurious stage design and visual effect led Hunan Satellite TV to the top of the TV rating list.

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Hunan Satellite TV's two prestigious hosts group "Happy Family" and "Day Day Up Brothers" once again led the hosts group, and launched a sparkling exciting competition between the "Happy Team" and "Day Day Up Team" . The most popular and classic songs were presented at the New Year's Concert stage, accompanying the audience to open a new chapter of "Youth 2019  " and light up a brand new year.

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Zhejiang Satellite TV “Leading 2019 ” concert.  7 groups of performers in presenting of youth, passion,dream, belief, reminiscence,power and courage , created a year-end ceremony,. The innovative stage design and effect harvested gratifying ratings and countless praises.  The whole concert was full of highlights, passion and classics which is leading the new trend of new 2019.

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The major visual effect of China Dragon on Zhejiang Satellite TV “Leading 2019” concert attracted a lot of attention during the entire evening.

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The CCTV New Year's party "The Songs of the New Era - 2019 New Year Special Program"  combined the classic songs in the past 70 years ever since the founding of the People's Republic of China. Gathered the aged, middle-aged and young artists, singers and actors to tribute to the classics.