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The international exhibition of LED CHINA in Shenzhen -- the first exhibition of GLOSHINE TECHNOLOGY in China


Imposing manner like the rainbow 

From February 21 to 23, 2019, The international exhibition of LED opened in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Nearly 600 mainstream manufacturers participated in the exhibition, 40,000 square meters of exhibition area, and buyers from more than 100 countries and regions gathered.GLOSHINE showed a number of new products at the exhibition hall 9th,C26 booth, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers to come to the booth to negotiate and exchange.


Booth scene is like a rainbow

GLOSHINE in the booth site prepared 500,000 red envelopes of cash gift, like I have money screen, you have the strength, the prospect of "money screen strength", so that many rental industry bigshots on the first day to show the strength of a large number of orders, the scene gong went on and on , the climax is not stopped, GLOSHINE booth site popularity and orders are overwhelming!






Many customers strong headline-grabbing.

AR floor tile display

The largest display area of the booth is the star product --AR series display screen, which is a new stage tile display screen specially designed for the 2019 Spring Festival gala. At the branch venue of the Spring Festival gala in Shenzhen,3100 square AR4.81 floor tile display screen, draw up a huge Chinese knot and a large lineup of matrix combination, will show the magnificent momentum of the Shenzhen venue vividly.





AR series display screen, continuing the concept of integrated design, and with a unique hypotenuse design, more suitable for the needs of professional stage lifting; Tempered glass mask so that the display more high-end degree.

W pro series   

The booth also displayed a surfaced of the home screen --W pro2.97. In the leasing industry with higher requirements, W pro series not only adheres to the tradition of consistent and stable quality but also takes the lead for customers on the leasing display screen with smaller spacing. After the launch of W pro, several micro-innovations have made great efforts to meet market demands and customer demands.

11-W pro2.97.jpg

12-W pro2.97.jpg

13-W pro2.97.jpg

14-W pro2.97.jpg

Other eye-catching products

15-X pro 1.9.jpg

X Pro 1.9 



Looming LC black frame transparent screen

18-Legend 3.91.jpg

Integrated design with black light highlighting Legend 3.91






The popularity explodes, the ten thousand people empty lane booth spot GLOSHINE, we set off again! In 2019.