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The appearance of Gloshine Technology on Prolight+Sound and NAB in America on April


On April 2-5, Gloshine Technology was unveiled at the annual Fairlight+Sound in Frankfurt.The Frankfurt Exhibition Center is one of the largest exhibition centers in the world. Prolight+Sound has an exhibition area of 80,000 square meters. In 2019, the Frankfurt Light and Sound Exhibition attracted 358 companies from Germany and 550 companies from abroad, with a total of 908 exhibitors and 45,366 professional visitors. I will visit you.

LE3---led display.jpg

Following the ISE in the Netherlands,Gloshine Technology once again displayed the Legend series screens with high brightness and black lamp in Europe. The product uses high-end LED from Nation star company, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and has better display effect. The design of the cabinet is simple and smooth, and the integrated design is adopted, which makes maintenance quicker and easier.

MV--led display.jpg

The main screen is still the Red Point design award-winning product Music Video series, which is a more mature product with small pitch pitch in the rental market, providing a better effect of the indoor activity display.

ARMOR4-led display.jpg

The floor tile screen is the new product of Gloshine Technology this year. Armor series, with better load-bearing and integrated design along with chamfer, is very suitable for the needs of the lifting or lowering the stage. The kind of floor screen was firstly used in the highest-profile entertainment program in China. At the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, more than 3,100 square meters of tile display were beautifully decorated.

X1.9--led display.jpg

At the NAB exhibition on April 8th, Gloshine Technology mainly displayed the new small-pitch products - X pro 1.9.

This product is the first to use four-in-one lamp beads to improve the ink color consistency from the display, the four-in-one lamp bead is better, and the product is more stable. The modules can be used for front and rear maintenance and provide dual power backup and dual card backup. The protective feet on the bottom of the product effectively protect the lamp beads from being bumped.

X--led display.jpg