Product W pro série

W pro série

  • Quick installation

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Ultra-light

  • Curved

Front Access & Rear Access (optional)

W Pro series can support both front and rear access, meets the requirement of fast maintenance in different installation circuments, greatly improve install efficiency.

Pro Version of Smart

W Pro-series,a representative of the smart simple and practical, every detail has extreme and practical character.


Two big handles in each cabinet,suit for any angle when working;Handle with Silicone cover, makes it users friendly.

Tecnologia Parâmetro

modelo do produto W Pro 2.61(Indoor) W Pro 2.97(Indoor) W Pro 3.91(Indoor)
espaçamento dos pixels 2.61mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
tipo de LED  SMD1515/SMD2020(Black LEDs) SMD2020(Black LEDs) SMD2020(Black LEDs)
densidade dos pixels 147456pixel/㎡ 112896pixel/㎡ 65536pixel/㎡
brilho   800-1100nits  
cor de temperatura   6500-9500k  
Scan 1/32 1/21 1/16
tamanho do cabinete(W*H*D)   500mm×500mm×76mm /19.7"×19.7"×3.0"  
resolução em pixels 192*192pixel 168*168pixel 128*128pixel
peso de cabinete   6.80kg/14.99lb  
cabinete material   Die casting aluminum  
consumo máximo   ≦700w/㎡  
consumo médio   ≦350w/㎡  
ângulo de visão   H:160º  V:140º  
frequência de refresh   1920Hz  
cinza   14-16bit  
IP grau   IP30  
humidade de operação    10%-90%RH  
temperatura da operação   -20℃~+40℃  
assento máximo   20pcs  
suspensão máxima   20pcs  
instalação curva(Optional)   -10°/-7.5°/-5°/-2.5°/0°/2.5°/5°/7.5°/10°  
Vida da tela   50,000hrs  
temperatura/humidade de armazenamento   -40℃~+60℃;10%-60%RH  

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