Product AR X Serise

AR X Serise

  • High Strength

  • XR Virtual Studio

  • High Stability

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Fast installation

Integrated Design

•Power supply, receiving card and back cover are integrated in one unit for fast maintenance and high efficiency.

Customised Options

Power supply and receiving card redendancy are optional.

Panel Dimension and Weight

Panel Structure

Product Concept

AR X series is consisted with floor panel and ground support frame.

AR X Series LED floor system

•Born for XR studio

•High Weight loading Capacity

•Strong Scratch and abrasion resintance 

Technical parameter

Model No. AR X3.91(Indoor/Dance floor)
Pixel Pitch 3.91mm
Panel Dimension(W×H×D) 500mm×500mm×117mm /19.7”*19.7”*4.6”
IP Rating IP30
Curve 50,000hrs
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