Product MV Pro Series

MV Pro Series

  • XR Virtual Studio

  • Curved

  • Ultra wide angle of view

  • Easy Maintenance

  • 4K


Size & Weight

Rotating curved locks

Special locks and cabinet design enables the arcable cabinet and straight cabinet to joint together.

Adjustable angles:<-7.5°,-5°,-2.5°,0°,2.5°,5°,7.5°>

Quick Maintenance

The MV Pro series adopts the magnetic module to realize the rapid maintenance.

Seamless screen

Seamless connection

The smooth screen, show the best visual experience.

Multiple installation

MV Pro + CF

Technical parameter

Model No. MV Pro 1.5 MV Pro 1.9 MV Pro 2.3 MV Pro 2.6
Plxel Pitch 1.56mm 1.95mm 2.38mm 2.60mm
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 500mm*500mm*72mm
IP Rating IP30
Curve Optional
Max. Stacking/Hanging 10m
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