Product Column series

Column series

  • High refresh rate

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Fast installation

  • Curved


Concave And Convex Curve

Support both concave and convex curve,with maxium angle:±80°

Technical parameter

Model No. CL 1.25 (Indoor) CL 1.56 (Indoor) CL 1.95 (Indoor) CL 2.6 (Indoor) CL 2.97 (Indoor) CL 3.91 (Indoor) CL 2.97(Outdoor) CL 3.91(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 1.25 1.56 1.95 2.6 2.97 3.91 2.97 3.91
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 500mm×500mm×72.5mm/19.7"×19.7"×2.85"
IP Rating IP30 Front IP65,Rear IP54
Curve Optional  
Max Stacking/Hanging


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