Product Zebra pro&Zebra mini pro series

Zebra pro&Zebra mini pro series

  • Outdoor / waterproof

  • Fast installation

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Curved

  • 90° stitching

Zebra pro series and Zebra mini series support composite installation and mixed installation.

90°corner installation available. Identical 45° side frame cabinet quite easy to install collumn and cube display.

Intergrated control unit. easy for maintenance.

Technical parameter

Model No. ZM PRO&ZS Pro 4.81(Outdoor) ZM PRO&ZS Pro 5.95(Outdoor) ZM PRO&ZS Pro 6.94(Outdoor)
Plxel Pitch 4.81mm 5.95mm 6.94mm
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 500mm×500mm/1000mm×90mm     19.7"×19.7"/39.4"×3.6"
IP Rating Front IP65,Rear IP54
Curve Optional
Max Stacking/Hanging 10m
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