News GLOSHINE LED screen lights up the opening ceremony of the 6th Chongqing Games

GLOSHINE LED screen lights up the opening ceremony of the 6th Chongqing Games

21 May 2021

On the evening of May 18, Chongqing Yongchuan Sports Center, the opening ceremony of the 6th Chongqing Games was grandly held. The "Cool" cultural and sports performances opened and staged a splendid visual feast.



The fire trees and silver flowers never sleep, the warmth of the city and the coolness of technology complement each other, humanities and technology integrated together. In the application of stage LED display, GLOSHINE assisted the opening ceremony of the 6th Chongqing Games and brought a grand immersive cultural and sports feast to the audience.



In the first group dance "The Fragrance of Tea and Bamboo", accompanied by a beautiful melody, the actors danced in the "Bamboo Sea". The 650 square meters screen above the stage showed a beautiful picture of the moonlit bamboo forest. The beautiful pictures, beautiful music, and the graceful dances of the actors made the audience mesmerized, and the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to a climax.



The 1,100-square-meter transparent LED display (LC series) behind the stage is also the highlight of the opening ceremony. The screen is sharp and transparent, with uniform colors, large viewing angles, and excellent waterproof performance. Through the high-definition picture, the city behind is brilliantly lit. The night view is unobstructed, centering on themes such as "City of Mountains and Waters·Beautiful Places", it combines scientific and technological elements with the spirit of sports for three-dimensional display, demonstrating the spirit of the city in the new era. The beautiful visual experience and cool technological elements have opened up a very shocking audio-visual experience.



The 45-meter-diameter circular floor tile screen specially made in the center of the stage shines brightly throughout the whole process. With the changes of the program, the screen of the 1632 square meters ground screen is sometimes a bright moon and mountains, quiet and high; sometimes it becomes a red classic, generous and enthusiastic. Ground screens, transparent screens, and aerial screens complement each other, and combine high-tech elements such as sound, light, electricity, and digital images to enhance the sense of science and technology of the cultural and sports performances. Through the use of VR virtual reality, holographic projection and other technologies on the scene, the audience will feel like they are I was on the scene, and while marveling at the charm of LEDs, I was full of expectations for the splendor of the Sixth National Games.



Throughout the performance, the floor tile screens, transparent screens, grid screens, etc. showed their talents. The presentation of multiple shapes combined with unparalleled stage special effects showed the passion and good wishes of the opening ceremony to the fullest, perfectly interpreting Yongchuan’s Humanistic spirit of  "Always stand at the top of the tide and embrace all rivers"". Let science and technology present the beauty of the horizon. Behind every dazzling picture and every display pixel is the continuous exploration and innovation of GLOSHINE .


Special thanks to Kingsmark Event Engineering Co.,Ltd.(KK) for their strong support! GLOSHINE wish the 6th Chongqing Games a complete success!