News Gloshine’s screen shines in Pengcheng

Gloshine’s screen shines in Pengcheng

1 September 2020

On September 1, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in an industry-leading event-the annual LED CHINA kicked off. Gloshine brought several LED display solutions to the exhibition gorgeously, using sound, light, and  high-tech methods to outline the majestic trend of the LED screen, and interpret the new technology trend from multiple angles and in-depth levels.

At the exhibition, Glosine prepared a large number of gifts for visitors from all over the world, including the expensive new Huawei mobile phones. The luxury gifts detonated the audience and showed the brand atmosphere.

Gloshine Booth is as busy as a market

This year, Gloshine still made a big splash at the exhibition, with more than 200 square meters of luxury decoration exhibitions, row upon row of various color screens, vividly showing the charm of the screen.

The classic screen highlights the wonderful technology The vast ocean-AR floor screen

On the floor of the booth, a large area uses AR black floor panels. The floor screen is as flat as a mirror, toughened glass mask, loss-resistant and pressure-resistant, and super-loaded by the flow of people at the exhibition, bringing a novel and unique visual experience, suitable for large-scale application on stage or other specific places.


Variety of curved screen-CF series

The curved screen CF series is also the king of the stage. The single cabinet is freely bent in s shape, and the installation angle is up to ±30°.

Fine pitch rental screen-X PRO 0.9 series

The high-definition of X PRO, a fine-pitch rental product, has attracted much attention. 16:9 golden ratio size, in line with the visual beauty of human eyes. Four-in-one led, high-definition screen. Broadcast-grade color gamut, more perfect display of the true colors.

Monitoring center fixed installation solution-BR series

Another fine pitch star, the BR series, is "thin". Th panle is only 60mm thin, which is rare among similar products. The product is stable and safe. It provides dual backups of module, power supply, receiving card, avoids the screen goes blackout, and protects the smooth progress of the meeting and command center.

Variety new products shine

Different from previous exhibitions, this Shenzhen exhibition is not just a competition between brands. For Gloshine, it is also a color linkage among its many new products, which is a battle for beauty. New products based on CARBON carbon fiber screens, VANISH transparent screens, COLUMN cylindrical screens, TANKK stair screens, and MESH grid screens, have made great breakthroughs in product materials and functions, making the audience refreshing.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin rental screen-CARBON series

CARBON carbon fiber screen is Gloshine’s third-generation rental product, which is thin and compact. The lightest weight is only 4.1KG, which is more than 30% lighter than aluminum cabinets of the same size, leading the trend of light cabinet. The product has excellent performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion, suitable for outdoor performances.

Space Walk-VANISH Series

VANISH high-end outdoor transparent screen, high transparency, low wind resistance, won the favor of rental customers. The light, thin and transparent integrated design makes installation and maintenance easier. The addition of larger angle and corner spilicing gives more flexible option.

COLUMN cylindrical screen, as the name suggests, can be used for circle or column splicing, 5 panles can be assembled into a circle, which saves cost, time and energy than traditional curved screens. In addition to the stacking, hanging, and curve installation methods, the COLUMN series removes the cabinet back cover and frame, and the module can easily be installed on the wall by magnetic attraction, and the thickness is only 30mm, which saves time, effort and space.

COLUMN, TANKK mixed cylindrical effect

The TANKK stepped screen and COLUMN series can be joined together, and the length of the screen can be infinitely joined, and the supporting fixed cover on the back of the cabinet can be flexibly increased or decreased according to the strength requirements. In terms of details, the led anti-knock is upgraded, and the quality is largely improved. TANKK can be used for stair, the picture quality is smart, the colors are natural and vivid, and the stage is full of color tension.

The MESH grid screen is the sky curtain, dazzling like a moon and stars

MESH series is different from the metal material. It uses two-color injection plastic material to make the led and shell. It is a special product with customizable size and color. Its low temperature resistance, flame-retardant material, and anti-uv features can stably and safely guarantee the playback quality and life. The MESH screen is flexible and light, with strong plastic appearance and large light transmission angle. It can meet the needs of curved screens and other special-shaped screens. It is used for glass curtain walls and has a better visual effect.

Gloshine provides millions of gifts for free

LED CHINA is the grand show of Gloshine's domestic exhibition. Gloshine confirmed the details of exhibits and gifts as early as years ago. All the preparatory work is only for the display of the company's software and hardware capabilities, allowing customers to witness the extraordinary quality of the brand for ten years.

Customer has won 16,999 yuan Huawei Mate Xs folding phone

Coexistence and mutual benefit can win the future together. Gloshine has been practicing for 14 years to provide attentive service to every business friend. In such a very specific period, Gloshine gave profit to customers in order to expand market share. During the exhibition, Gloshine prepared a million value-for-money gifts to rebate business friends and honored the brand sincerity. There were plenty of gifts at the scene, and even more lucky audiences won Huawei's new Mate Xs folding mobile phone.Many partners say that they can truly experience Gloshine’s customer-first service spirit.

LED CHINA media interviews Gloshine staff

Coincidentally, this year ISLE and LED CHINA were held in Shenzhen at the same time, and Gloshine entered two halls together to show off the beauty of Gloshine’s screens.

Gloshine's team dressed up at ISLE

The two exhibition time is limited, but Gloshine's original intention to build a high-end brand remains the same. In the post-epidemic era, the domestic market is recovering and the international market continues to provide good news. With the support of partners at home and abroad, Gloshine actively deploys global business strategies, expands marketing channels, develops research capabilities, and continues to create technological miracles.