News LOL S10 | Over 3000㎡ Gloshine large screen creates immersive gaming

LOL S10 | Over 3000㎡ Gloshine large screen creates immersive gaming

3 November 2020

On October 31, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship came to an end in Shanghai. 22 top League of Legends teams from around the world participated in the hero competition. After several hours of fierce fighting, the SN team from the LPL division of mainland China lost 1:3 to the DWG team from the LCK division of South Korea. In the end, DWG took home the Summoner Cup, which symbolized the highest honor of League of Legends gaming.



The S-series World Finals of the League of Legends is the world's most concerned e-sports competition ever. According to statistics, more than tens of millions of players watch the League of Legends World Finals through the Internet and digital TV every year.

The organizers of Riot games put all their thoughts and efforts into making this globally influential event truly presented to the eyes of e-sports fans, and never let the audience down.

The final is located at the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium, with more than 3,000 square meters of Gloshine ZS series LED displays, created a warm competition atmosphere and staged exciting and popular peak duels! Shanghai, the capital of magic e-sports, composed a classic chapter again!

Back to the game site again, let us re-taste the wonderful moments recorded by the Gloshine ZS series: